11+ Simplified for Parents | All you need to know about independent and grammar school entry tests!

Replay of a live webinar - includes recommended books and website links and downloadable PDF Maths and English Curriculum

What is included?

A detailed explanation of the 11+ and all it entails with Q&A

Marion explains :

What is the 11+
How do I know what we need to do for the 11+?
Does everyone get a tutor for the 11+?
Do I need to start tutoring in Year 2?!
What is the difference between Grammar Schools and Independent Schools and do they have different exams?
What does CEM and GL mean?
How can I BEST help my child prepare for the 11+?
What is Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning and can it be taught?

All these questions and more answered by Marion, ex-head of a top London Prep School with many years of experience in both teaching the 11+ and (importantly) guiding parents along their journey. It can be more stressful for parents than it is for the children (honestly!) and Marion will answer any questions you have, however silly you think they might be!

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Course Curriculum

Marion MacDonald

Marion began her teaching career over 20 years ago and has taught children from as young as 4 years old, right up to those sitting their 13+ Common Entrance exams to some of the country's well-known public schools. More latterly, Marion was Head of a large prep school in South West London, where all the Year 6 children took the 11+ to some of the most competitive schools in the area. 

Over the years, Marion has developed a passion for teaching Maths and particularly enjoys working with children who find Maths a bit tricky, or just think they are a bit rubbish at it!  Teaching with gentle positivity (and a good dose of humour) Marion encourages children to "have a go" and to believe in themselves. She firmly believes that a positive mindset and confidence are the backbones of success. 

Now the founder of The Homework Helpline and a full time online tutor, Marion has extensive experience in preparing children for both Independent and Grammar School entry tests. She ensures children are well equipped to tackle even the trickiest Maths problems and they have the confidence in themselves to thrive and succeed to the very best of their abilities.

When not teaching children and dreaming up ways to help and support parents through The Homework Helpline, Marion loves being outside in the countryside with her mad spaniel, Martha, spending time with family and friends and traveling all over the world with her globe trotting man. Oh, and she also runs a small business creating beautiful flowers for weddings.

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