Blog: Tips from the Teacher

Do you want to help your child(ren) learn Maths and English by supporting their school work or even teaching them at home, but you feel daunted by the curriculum, the jargon, the methods and the sheer amount they need to learn?

Or maybe your child is lacking confidence in their abilities and you want to give them a boost so they can really achieve their full potential.

Marion MacDonald shares her 20+ years of teaching, headship and tutoring experience here. She is passionate about helping children who lack confidence and empowering parents to do the same.

Marion MacDonald

Marion has teamed up with Atom Learning to provide you with their 10 top tips for improving the all important Exam Technique for all the ...

Marion MacDonald

Marion shares her top tips that will help your child improve their comprehension skills.

Marion MacDonald

Games and activities to help learn and cement those pesky Times Tables - all you need is some paper or card, and some dice! Not a screen in ...