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* Growth Mindset.
* Confidence Boosting.
* Qualified and Experienced Teachers.
* Group and Individual Tutoring.
* 11+ Success Program.
* Maths and English Support for Parents.
* Membership for On-Demand Videos. 

Welcome to The Homework Helpline

Are you frustrated by your inability to help your children with their learning? 

Does your time at school seem like a distant memory?

Are you worried that the lockdowns have left gaps in your child's learning?

At The Homework Helpline we get it. We understand your frustrations.

We hear the same worries far too often

"It’s all taught differently these days!"

"Their homework baffles me!”

"I wish I could help more, but I don’t know how to."

"I hated Maths/English at school, I'm rubbish at it, so I can't help my children."

The Homework Helpline is here to help you; the parents, the carers, the adults who feel like their time at school is ancient history! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know your algorithm from your algebra, or your fronted adverbials from your conjunctions, we provide the knowledge, the confidence, the tips and advice in all areas of primary and prep school education.

We will guide and support you as your children develop their inner confidence, ability and success so that they ultimately achieve their full potential whilst developing a love of learning and a genuine enjoyment of Maths and English.

The Homework Helpline has been founded by Marion, who has worked with thousands of children, and their parents, and is now passionate about giving parents the support they need through online tutoring and an active membership group.

With over 20 years of prep school teaching and management under her belt, Marion believes in creating a happy, nurturing environment where children learn, both in the classroom and at home.

You as parents play a major part in the success of your children:  You can help your child succeed and be happy at school.

Expert Private Tuition
1 to 1 or group lessons with qualified, experienced teachers

The Homework Helpline offers online tutoring to children from the age of 5 up to 16, in Maths, English, Science, Spanish, Geography and other subjects.

PrivateTuition - 1:1

Marion tutors children up to Year 8 in Maths, specialising in the 11+ for both grammar and independent schools across the UK.

She also has a network of carefully selected, qualified and highly experienced, kind and friendly tutors who work alongside her at The Homework Helpline, teaching English and Reasoning. Having hand-picked these wonderful teachers, Marion can vouch for their excellent teaching, professionalism and ability to relate to all children.

Please contact Marion to arrange a free chat to see whether she, or one of the team can help your child fill the lockdown gaps, revise tricky topics, prepare for a particular exam or just build their confidence, self-belief and mindset towards learning.

11+ Maths Success Program

Pass the 11+ Maths exam so that your child gains a place at their first choice of Grammar or Independent School.

12 week program, using Marion's unique system to ensure confidence and success through:

Confidence and Mindset
Firm Foundations
Accelerate and Apply

Contact Marion for more information

Would you like access to a bank of short, easy to follow videos on ALL the Key Stage 2 Maths and English topics?

As a passionate teacher with 20 years of Maths teaching, headship and tutoring experience, I have recorded tons of short, 10 minute "Maths Blasts" that will show you, the parents, how teachers actually teach it these days, and explain tricky or missed topics to your child in a clear, easy to follow and friendly way.

Try out the clear, concise and convenient Homework Helpline CLUB free for 5 days*

*Monthly Subscription of £9.99 (no contract) or Annual Subscription of £99 (saving £20)

10 Minute Maths and English Blasts

Clear, Concise, Convenient.
These short and sweet Maths and English videos have been carefully designed and delivered by Marion and Cleo, both very experienced primary teachers who makes even the trickiest concept easy to grasp, fully understand and apply.

Intended for both children who need a confidence boost, a quick refresher to fill those lockdown gaps and their parents whose school days feel a long time ago and would like to see how it is taught nowadays!

Useful info, curriculum, advice and resources

An ever expanding bank of teacher selected resources: recommended websites, apps and games, non-screen games, book recommendations, past papers, 11+ advice and support.

You can also access, quickly, The Homework Helpline's very own parent-friendly Maths and English Curricula  for each year group and 11+.

This really will save you hours of Googling!

Awesome Community

Join our community and connect with parents and children from around the world who are just like you. Learn together and share your wins with the ever growing community.

Marion will also be on hand for one-to-one support and to answer any questions you may have: your very own teacher-in-your-pocket!

Parent Webinars

Regular live webinars with Marion or a guest expert speaker, sharing their experience and professional opinions on a plethora of topics from special needs, to bullying, to gender identity disorder to parents' evenings.  

With an active Q&A style, no question is to small or too big, and this is your chance to pick the brains of a friendly and non-judgmental teacher.

All recordings are saved in the group for you to catch up at your convenience, or when you need it!


"Marion is a fabulous tutor who instils confidence in children and makes learning fun. H passed the entrance exams for both school choices and her Maths teacher has been amazed by the transformation in her focus, understanding and self-belief. Can’t recommend Marion highly enough!"
Alex, parent of an 11+ child
"M had always struggled with Maths, even with extra lessons in school, until she started lessons with you. Now she is not only confident in her ability but it is her favourite subject alongside Art and Creative Arts!! This confidence has also helped her improve in all subjects."
Michele, parent of an 11+ child
"Our daughter's confidence and positivity towards maths has really increased and she comes out of the lessons feeling inspired and proud to show us what she has learnt!"
Parent of a Year 3 child
"Our daughter is definitely enjoying Maths more as she feels more competent. Your friendly and reassuring manner made Maths fun."
Sophie, parent of a Year 3 child
"You are extremely knowledgeable and you adjust your teaching according to each individual child's needs. You have a good rapport with children and you are very calm and approachable with them and with us as parents."
Helen, parent of a Year 5 child
"We have been delighted with your lessons, and J has returned to school with a love of learning and increased knowledge. You've taught him lots of tricks and short cuts to help with his maths and boosted his confidence with English."
Lorna, parent of a Year 3 child
"Our son particularly enjoys the interactive element, especially games, having a chance to tell you what he knew about a topic before starting the lesson and the personal interest you took in his life and easy banter you had with him. The positive way you helped him to correct his mistakes has boosted his confidence."
Parent of a Year 3 child
"Marion is amazing to work with as a child but also in terms of parental support. The period of time leading up to the 11+ was stressful and she was supportive to me too! We continue to use Marion as she is so fab and the feedback I get is brilliant."
Kate, parent of an 11+ child
"E’s Maths has transformed and she is much more confident and keen to do Maths since working with Marion."
Kate, parent of 11+ child
"M loves her lessons with you and no longer dreads Maths homework but gets on with it quickly, easily and independently. It is now a subject she enjoys."
Parent of an 11+ child
"H's Maths teacher at school is amazed by the change! She is more confident, gets more work done and in a more structured and organised fashion. She is more focussed and believes in herself more. She is less fearful about making errors and has grown in confidence."
Alex, parent of an 11+ child
"Marion is friendly and professional and knows what she is teaching!"
Lorraine, parent of a Year 4 child

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About Me

I am Marion and I have been a Prep School teacher for 20 years. I have taught children of all ages from 4 years old, teaching them to read and write, all the way up to 11 or 13 when they do their 11+ or 13+ to move up to their next school. I have spent many years in classrooms both in well-known country Prep Schools and top London day schools, and been Head of two Pre-Preps and a Prep School of over 300 children.

I have taught all subjects to all ages and am passionate about educating our children properly, through building self-belief and confidence in each individual child. I want to share my experience to help, advise and empower parents on almost any school-related topic. Maths, though, has become my specialism over the years, and I have actively sought out the lower “sets” to teach, throughout the school, as I love helping build confidence and self-belief in children who find Maths a bit tricky, or just think they are a bit rubbish at it! It is wonderful when children who found it hard, grow to love it and even declare that Maths is their favourite subject!

During the year of lockdowns, I have been tutoring online, whilst providing support for parents through my free Facebook group "The Homework Helpline Hub" in which I started the 10 Minute Maths Blasts; short videos designed for both parents and children to access as and when they need a little "teacher in their pocket" to show them how to do a particular topic.

These little videos proved very popular, so I have set up the new Homework Helpline Club which is a wonderful, growing community of parents who have the same aim: to help their grow in confidence and succeed at Maths.